How Do You Get Boomerang On Snapchat?

How Do You Get Boomerang On Snapchat?

Snapchat is an instant messaging platform that is used by a large number of users and the major reason why this platform is so much popular among users is that it has a variety of interesting features and tools for them.

However, boomerang is a feature that is usually associated with Instagram, and if you want to know how to do boomerang on snapchat then there could be no other place than this to find out about it.

Steps for Making A Boomerang on Snapchat Platform –

Unfortunately, right now the feature of bounce videos is unavailable for Android users and is only accessible for the ios devices. So, if you have an iPhone then only these steps could help you with how to boomerang on snapchat.

You need to get started by opening Snapchat on your iPhone device and then clicking and holding on the camera button you see on the screen for recording a video.

Now, you need to hit on the interlocking arrow which you will find at the lower right corner on which you need to keep on clicking until you find the option of bounce on the screen.

Once you find it you should tap on it, so that Snapchat will add the effect of bounce to the recording you are making.

You now have to crop the video if it is longer than a second as boomerang on snapchat is only made for a second.

Once you are ready with your one-second bounce video, you have to click on the download icon which will save your video or if you want then you can also upload it to your story.

Hopefully using these steps you were successful in creating a boomerang video of your own on the Snapchat platform without any difficulty with it.