Solutions to Fix Yahoo Not Working with Outlook

Solutions to Fix Yahoo Not Working with Outlook

Yahoo is used by most professionals who need constant communication with their clients, friends, and colleagues and is one of the most popular email service providers globally and is used mostly on the Outlook software. It’s very easy to set up the Yahoo account in Outlook but at the same time it can be challenging for an individual as it stops working after a few hours this issue can be resolved by the following solutions:

Steps To Fix Yahoo Not Working with Outlook

  1. Going for basic troubleshooting with a proper internet connection may resolve small issues in Outlook. This can be done by logging into the Yahoo account and then checking for an issue with the account.
  2. Issues related to Outlook can also be resolved by removing the account from Outlook and then adding it back again.
  3. Antivirus and firewalls should be checked from time to time as it may also cause some issues with Outlook.
  4. Yahoo Outlook should be configured properly as improper configuration can also result in an issue with the account access.
  5. Login issues with Yahoo might need changing the app password for Yahoo.

So by these ways, one can fix Yahoo mail not working in Outlook and can have a better experience using Yahoo in Outlook.

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