What Does “NGL” Mean, And How Do You Use It?

What Does “NGL” Mean, And How Do You Use It?

Nowadays, there are a lot of short forms or abbreviations used by people on social media platforms and one such short form is NGL and in this blog we are going to tell you about what does NGL mean and how and where you could be able to use it.

Meaning of NGL On Online Social Media Platforms –

NGL is the full form for not gonna lie and this abbreviation is usually used at the beginning of the sentence to show that you are being honest and it also indicates vulnerability.

This abbreviation can be used by you to insult someone and share your honest opinion with someone or you can use it to open up or express your emotions.

In most of the situations NGL is normally used to sharing your opinions and for an example you can say that, NGL I hate dogs. And the other way when you could NGL is that you can make use of it as a highway for rudeness, insult or for flattery and instead of NGL you can also use this phrase just in its original form which is ‘Not gonna lie’

NGL has been a phrase since a long time but it wasn’t used a lot before 2009 or 2010 and this is when the abbreviation was added for the first time in the urban dictionary and people started picking it up.

We hope that through this blog you were able to now NGL meaning and in how and where you could use this phrase.